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University Of New South Wales Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Capitalization

Question - The Martin Ready-Mix Company purchases a new 10-Yard delivery truck for $138,000. The following
information is also available.
Sales Taxes 9,500
Transit Insurance 500
Preparation Costs 1,000
Fleet Liability Insurance 750
Painting & Lettering 500
Weekly Driver's Wages 100
Prep Team Wages 500
The estimated life of the truck is 5 years (from 1/1/XX), with a salvage value of $10,000. The truck
was purchased for cash.
1.Calculate the cost of the truck that should be capitalized.
2.Summarize the entry to the accounting equation (by account title) and give the journal entry to
record the capitalization of the truck.
Assets = Liabilities + Equity
3.Using the straight-line depreciation method, calculate the depreciation expense that w ...Read More

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