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University Of Michigan Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Cost Planning

Question - Multiple Choice Questions
1. An example of a committed cost is:
A. employee training.
B. manufacturing supplies.
C. real estate taxes.
D. charitable contributions.
2. W hich of the following is not a strong reason for budgeting
A. Budgets provide a benchmark for judging performance.
B. Budgeting requires little effort by non-accounting managers.
C. Budgeting requires management to plan.
D. Budgeting requires coordination among the functional areas of the firm.
3. The budgeting process that most likely creates an attitude supportive of achieving organization
goals is:
A. top-down approach.
B. zero based approach.
C. proportionate increase approach.
D. participative approach.
4. A budgeting approach that implies little or ...Read More

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