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University Of Hawaii Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Vandall corporation

Question - Vandall corporation manufactures and sells a single product. The company uses units as the
measure of activity in its budgets and performance reports. During April, the company budgeted for
7,300 units, but its actural level of activity was 7,340 units. The company has provided the following
data concerning the formulas used in its budgeting and its actual results for April:

Data used in budgeting
Variable element per month Fixed element per month
$35.40 __________ Revenue
$3.30 0 Direct labor
15.90 0 Direct materials
1.20 49,200 Manufacturing overhead
0.10 $26,600 Selling & administrative expenses
$20.50 $75,800 Total expenses

Actual results for April:
Revenue $254,146
Direct labor $24,722
Direct materials $116,496
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