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University Of Hawaii Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Dobbs Manufacturing

Question - Dobbs Manufacturing Company uses a standard cost accounting system. In 2010,
50,000 units were produced. Each unit took several pounds of direct materials and 2 standard hours
of direct labor at a standard hourly rate of $12.00. Normal capacity was 96,000 direct labor hours.
During the year, 200,000 pounds of raw materials were purchased at $1.00 per pound. All materials
purchased were used during the year.

(a) If the materials price variance was $8,000 unfavorable, what was the standard materials price per
(b) If the materials quantity variance was $24,000 favorable, what was the standard materials quantity
per unit?
(c) What were the standard hours allowed for the units produced?
(d) If the labor quantity ...Read More

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