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Question - (a) Defend the following statement: "In a sinusoidal sound wave, the pressure variation given by Eq. (16.4) is greatest where the displacement given by Eq. (16.1) is zero." (b) For a sinusoidal sound wave given by Eq. (16.1) with amplitude A = 10.0µ1m and wave length A = 0.250 in, graph the displacement y and pressure fluctuation p as functions of x at time t = 0. Show at least two wavelengths of the wave on your graphs. (c) The displacement yin a nonsinusoidal sound wave is shown in Fig. 16.42 as a function of x for t = 0. Draw a graph showing the pressure fluctuation p in this wave as a function of x at t = 0. This sound wave has the same 10.0-µlm amplitude as the wave in part (b). Does it have the same pressure amplitude? ...Read More

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