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University Of California, Davis Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - A solar flux

Question - A solar flux of 700 W/m2 is incident on a flat-plate solar collector used to heat water. The area of the collector is 3 m2, and 90% of the solar radiation passes through the cover glass and is absorbed by the absorber plate. The remaining 10% is reflected away from the collector. W ater flows through the tube passages on the back side of the absorber plate and is heated from an inlet temperature Ti; to an outlet temperature To. The cover glass, operating at a temperature of 30°c' has an emissivity of 0.94 and experiences radiation exchange with the sky at - 10°C. The convection coefficient between the cover glass and the ambient air at 25°C is l0 W/m2 · K. (a) Perform an overall energy balance on the collector t ...Read More

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