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Tulsa Community College Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Sunspot Beverages

Question - Sunspot Beverages, Ltd., of Fiji makes blended tropical fruit drinks in two stages. Fruit juices arc
extracted from fresh fruits and then blended in the Blending Department. The blended juices are then
bottled and packed for shipping in the Bottling Department. The following information pertains to the
operations of the Blending Department for June. (The currency in Fiji is the Fijian dollar.)

Assume that the company uses the weighted-average method.
1. Determine the equivalent units for June for the Blending Department.
2. Compute the costs per equivalent unit for the Blending Department.
3. Determine the total cost of ending work in process inventory and the total cost of units transferred
to the Bottling Department. ...Read More

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