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The University Of Texas At Austin Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Is a long-term plan

Question - 1. A budget
a. Is a long-term plan.
b. Covers at least two years.
c. Is only a control tool.
d. Is necessary only for large firms.
e. Is a short-term financial plan.

2. W hich of the following is not part of the control process?
a. Monitoring of actual activity
b. Comparison of actual with planned activity
c. Investigating
d. Developing a strategic plan
e. Taking corrective action

3. W hich of the following is not an advantage of budgeting?
a. It forces managers to plan.
b. It provides information for decision making.
c. It guarantees an improvement in organizational efficiency.
d. It provides a standard for performance evaluation.
e. It improves communication and coordination.

4. The budget committee
a. Reviews the ...Read More

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