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The American University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - The extent

Question - The extent 10 which the tip condition affects the thermal performance of a fin depends on the fin geometry and thermal conductivity, as well as the convection coefficient. Consider an alloyed aluminum (k = 180 W/m · K) rectangular fin of length L = 10 mm, thickness t = 1 mm, and width w t. The base temperature of the fin is Tb = 100°C, and the fin is exposed to a fluid M temperature T8 = 25°C. (a) Assuming a uniform convection coefficient of h = 100 W/m2 · K over the entire fin surface, determine the fin heat transfer rate per unit width qf, efficiency ?f' effectiveness ef' thermal resistance per unit width Rt,f' and the tip temperature T(L) for Cases A and B of Table 3.4. Contrast your results with those based on an inf ...Read More

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