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The Alliance For Global Education Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Cost Driver

Question - Assume that the Oregon Ice Cream Company is considering the costs of two of their product lines - ice cream sandwiches and dessert bars. The company identified the following partial list of activities, costs, and activity drivers expected for the next year. Activity. Expected Costs. Cost Driver Extrusion Costs $637,500 Number batches made Packaging Costs $44,000 Number of units made Products. Ice Cream Sandwiches Dessert Bars Product volume 350,000 units 200,000 units Batches made 400 batches 350 batches Refer to the data above. How much overhead cost will be assigned to the desert bar product line using activity-based costing (ABC)? 340,750 $247,818 $16,000 $297,500 $313,500

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