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The Alliance For Global Education Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Activity Based Costing

Question - Outdoor Texas makes umbrellas, gazebos, and chaise lounges. The company uses a traditional
overhead allocation scheme and assigns overhead to products at the rate of $30 per direct labor hour.
The costs per unit for each product group in 2013 were as follows:

Umbrellas Gazebos Lawn Chairs
Direct material $ 12 $ 120 $ 12
Direct labor
Total 54 435 117
Because profitability has been lagging and competition has been getting more intense, Outdoor Living
is considering implementing an activity-based costing system for 2014. In analyzing the 2013 data,
management determined that all $12,030,000 of factory over head could be assigned to four basic
activities: quality control, setups, material handlin ...Read More

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