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Strategic System Assignment

Question - This document contains requirements and general guidelines for the first Prototype. The underlined purpose for this first prototype is to have teams come to a better understanding of strategic system requirements, consider the plausibility of their proposal, and have an opportunity to communicate their design concept proposal.

The main activities related to the first prototype are:

team selects a methodology to use to brainstorm.

imagine a new business scenario/category of product/type of interface/application

team researches and develops prototype proposal concept

team prepares and presents prototype proposal

For this first “conceptual” prototype each team will develop a prototype. You will need to bring multiple stakeholder poin ...Read More

Solution Preview - The business scenario considered as part of the strategic system is the optimization of the facility and to bring up collaboration with respect to the processes and the sub processes of the IT firm. The IT firm has to globally set up operations. The firm has been operating in the local market for 5 years. The business scenario would consider the

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