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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Units

Question - Barker Production Company has developed the following standards for one of its products. STANDARD VARIABLE COST CARD One Unit of Product Materials: 30 square feetAfA?A??cAf?cAc€A!A?¬Af?cAc‚¬ $5 per square foot $150.00 Direct labor: 16 hours $7 perh hour 112.00 Variable manufacturing overhead: 16 hours x$5 per hour 80.00 Total standard variable cost per unit $342.00 The company records materials price variances at the time of purchase. The following activity occurred during the month of April: Materials purchased: AfA?Ac€A! 80,000 sq. feet at $5.30 per sq. foot Materials used: 74,000 square feet Units produced 2,500 units Direct labor: AfA?Ac€A! 42,000 hours at $6.70 per hour Required: Pre ...Read More

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