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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Set operation

Question - Problem 8-6. Eddie Kelly is running for reelection as mayor of a small town in Alabama. Jessica Martinez, Kelly's campaign manager during this election, is planning the marketing campaign, and there is some stiff competition. Martinez has selected four ways to advertise: television ads, radio ads, billboards, and newspaper ads. The costs of these, the audience reached by each type of ad, and the maximum number of each is shown in the following table: Type of Ad Cost per ad Audience Reached / Ad Maximum number TV $800 30,000 10 Radio $400 22,000 10 Billboards $500 24,000 10 Newspapers $100 8,000 10 In addition, Martinez has decided that there should be at least six ads on TV or radio or some combination of those two. The amount ...Read More

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