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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Services

Question - Teri Martin Nerdmeister, CPA provides bookkeeping and tax services to her clients. She charges a fee of $60 per hour for bookkeeping and $90 an hour for tax services. Martin estimates the following overhead costs for the upcoming year: Office Supplies $16,000 Computer fees 24,000 Secretary's salary 30,000 Rent 18,000 $88,000 Operating profits declined last year and Ms. Martin has decided to use activity based coating (ABC) procedures to evaluate her hourly fees. She gathered the following info from last year's records: Activity Cost Driver Bookkeeping Tax Services Office supplies Hours billed 1,200 800 Computer fees Computer hrs used 400 600 Secretary's salary Number of clients 16 84 Rent Types of services offered 1 1 ...Read More

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