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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Prouducts

Question - Company assembles all of its products in the Assembly Department. Budgeted cost for the operation of this department for the year have been set as follows: COMPANY Budget costs for Assembly Department: Variable costs: Direct materials $900,000 Direct labor 675,000 Utilities 45,000 Indirect labor 67,500 Supplies 22,500 Total variable costs 1,710,000 Fixed costs: Insurance 8,000 Supervisory Salaries 90,000 Depreciation 160,000 Equipment rental 42,000 Total fixed costs 300,000 Total budgeted costs $2,010,000 Budgeted direct labor-hours 75,000 Part 3: Actual activities and costs: Actual direct labor-hours worked 73,000 Standard direct labor-hours allowed 70,000 Actual variable manufacturing overhead cost incurred $124 ...Read More

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