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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Process

Question - Matt Company uses activity-based costing. The company has two products: A and B. The annual production and sales of Product A is 9,000 units and of Product B is 7,500 units. There are three activity cost pools, with total cost and total activity as follows: Total Activity Activity Cost Pool Total Cost Product A Product B Total Activity 1 $29,295 220 410 630 Activity 2 $46,895 910 220 1,130 Activity 3 $130,315 840 3,050 3,890 The activity-based costing cost per unit of Product A is closest to: I know the answer to this is 8.46 but i have no idea why! IN ORDER FOR ME TO RATE YOU MUST GIVE A STEP BY STEP PROCESS HOW TO TO DO THIS!! THANK YOU!

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