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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Optimal

Question - Recall the Tom’s, Inc., problem. Letting W = jars of Western Foods Salsa M = jars of Mexico City Salsa Leads to the formulation: Max1W + 1.25M s.t. 5W + 7M = 4480 Whole tomatoes 3W + 1M = 2080 Tomato sauce 2W + 2M ?Y 1600 W, M ?Y 0 Tomato paste The Management Scientist solution is shown in Figure. THE MANAGEMENT SCIENTIST SOLUTION FOR THE TOM’S, INC., PROBLEM a. W hat is the optimal solution, and what are the optimal production quantities? b. Specify the objective function ranges. c. What are the dual prices for each constraint? Interpret each. d. Identify each of the right-hand-sideranges.

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