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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Manufacturing

Question - Royal Company manufactures 26,000 units of part R-3 each year for use on its production line. At this level of activity, the cost per unit for part R-3 is: Direct material - $4.90 ; Direct Labor - $7 ; Varialble Manufacturing overhead - $ 3.00 ; Fixed Manufacturing overhead - $15 ; total cost per part - $ 29.90. An outside supplier has offered to sell 26,000 units of part R-3 each year to Royal Company for $49.50 per part. If Royal Company accepts this offer, the facilities now being used to manufacture part R-3 could be rented to another company at an annual rental of $780,600. However, Royal Company has determined that $10 of the fixed manufacturing overhead being applied to part R-3 would continue even if part R-3 were purchased ...Read More

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