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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Linear

Question - Quality Air Conditioning manufactures three home air conditioners: an economy model, a standard model, and a deluxe model. The profits per unit are $63, $95, and $135, respectively. The production requirements per unit are as follows: For the coming production period, the company has 200 fan motors, 320 cooling coils, and 2400 hours of manufacturing time available. How many economy models (E), standard models (S), and deluxe models (D) should the company produce in order to maximize profit? The linear programming model for the problem is as follows. Max63E + 95S + 135D s.t. 1E + 1S + 1D = 200Fan motors 1E + 2S + 4D = 320Cooling coils 8E + 12S + 14D = 2400Manufacturing time E, S, D ?Y 0 The computer solution using The Manage ...Read More

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