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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Journal

Question - Clopack Company manufactures one product that goes through one processing department called Mixing. All raw materials are introduced at the start of work in the Mixing Department. The company uses the weighted-average method to account for units and costs. Its Work in Process T-account for the Mixing Department for June follows (all forthcoming questions pertain to June): Work in ProcessAf?cAc‚¬"Mixing Department June 1 balance 32,000 Completed and transferred ? Materials 141,245 to Finished Goods Direct labor 90,500 Overhead 108,000 June 30 balance ? The June 1 work in process inventory consisted of 4,900 pounds with $17,380 in materials cost and $14,620 in conversion cost. The June 1 wo ...Read More

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