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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Goods

Question - Family Supermarkets has decided to increase the size of its Lansing store. It wants information about the profitability of its individual product lines: meats, fresh produce, and packaged food. The following data is for the year 2012 for each product line: Meats Fresh Produce Packaged Foods Revenue $805,000 $815,000 $500,000 Cost of goods sold $605,000 $575,000 $380,000 purchase orders 245 328 130 hours of stocking shelves 195 2,281 1,013 items sold 301,000 456,000 116,000 The Company also provides the following information for 2012 for its three support activities: Support Activity Budgeted Cost Cost Driver Ordering $130,000 purchase orders Shelf stocking $85,000 hours of stocking shelves Customer support $189,000 ite ...Read More

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