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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Equipment

Question - Exercise 11-8 Net Present Value Analysis of Two Alternatives [LO1] Wriston Company has $400,000 to invest. The company is trying to decide between two alternative uses of the funds. The alternatives are as follows: A B Cost of equipment required $ 400,000 $ 0 Working capital investment required $ 0 $ 400,000 Annual cash inflows $ 76,000 $ 65,000 Salvage value of equipment in five years $ 18,000 $ 0 Life of the project 5 years 5 years The working capital needed for project B will be released for investment elsewhere at the end of five years. Wriston Company uses a 10% discount rate. (Ignore income taxes.) Click here to view Exhibit 11B-1 andExhibit 11B-2, to determine the appropriate discount factor(s) using tables. Re ...Read More

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