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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - direct materials

Question - Classify the following as direct materials, direct labor, factory overhead, or selling and administrative expense. a. Steel used in an overhead door plant. b. Cloth used in a shirt factory. c. Fiberglass used by a sailboat builder. d. Cleaning solvent for the factory floor. e. W ages of a binder employed in a printing plant. f. Insurance on factory machines. g. Rent paid for factory buildings. h. W ages of the Machining Department supervisor. i. Leather used in a shoe factory. j. Wages of a factory janitor. k. Electric power consumed in operating factory machines. l. Depreciation on corporate offices. m. Fuel used in heating a factory. n. Paint used in the manufacture of jet skis. o. W ages of an ironworker in the constructi ...Read More

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