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San Diego State University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Activity

Question - Can some one help me with the question below.. please show the working Umanzor Corporation uses activity-based costing to assign overhead costs to products. Overhead costs have already been allocated to the company's three activity cost pools as follows: Processing, $52,500; Supervising, $28,600; and Other, $24,400. Processing costs are assigned to products using machine-hours (MHs) and Supervising costs are assigned to products using the number of batches. The costs in the Other activity cost pool are not assigned to products. Activity data appear below: MHs (Processing) Batches (supervising) Product S5 18,500 1,400 Product F5 1,100 510 Total 19,600 1,910 W hat is the overhead cost assigned to Product S5 under activity-based cost ...Read More

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