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Roger Williams Univerity Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Linear programming model

Question - The Whole Food Nutrition center uses grains to blend a natural cereal that it sells by the pound. The cereal has to meet an average adult's minimum daily requirements of protein, carbohydrates, Iron, and fat. The center advertises that each two-ounce serving of the cereal, when taken with milk, meets the minimum daily requirements for an average adult. The following table shows the relevant information: Grain Cost/pound Protein Carbohydrates Iron Fat ( cents) (units/LB) (units/LB) (units/LB) (units/LB)_____ A 33 22 16 8 5 B 47 28 14 7 0 C 38 21 25 ______ 9 6________ The minimum adult daily requirement (called the U.S. recommended daily allowance, or USRDA) for Protein is 3 units; for Carbohydrates is 2 units; for Iron is 1 unit, ...Read More

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