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Question - Typical requirements for report writing 
? Two cover pages (UTS assign cover page and report cover page)  
? A table of contents  
? A list of tables, figures, abbreviations, etc.  
? Appropriate title for figures, tables, etc.  
? Appropriate numbering of pages, figures, tables  
? No specific format required for paraphrasing, quotation, referencing, etc.  
A list of references (minimum two references) 
? Appendix (if needed)  
? Font type and size: Arial, 12 or 14 (preferred but other font types acceptable) 
? Line spacing: 1.0 or 1.5 
? Page size is defined for each task in the assignment document. 
? Total report size is determined ...Read More

Solution Preview - OF CONTENTS TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u TASK 1 Quality Management System (QMS) / ISO 9001 PAGEREF _Toc493349556 \h 11.1 ISO 9001 requirements for the hotel PAGEREF _Toc493349557 \h 11.2 5 stakeholders of company. For each stakeholder determine at least 1 stakeholder need PAGEREF _Toc493349558 \h 21.3 5 processes that may be required to fulfil those st

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