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People Management

Question -
Module Strategic International Business Management Level 7
Title of Assignment Final Assignment - People Management (July 2017)
Programmes undertaking the assignment Various - RKC
Hand-in date To be submitted via OnlineCampus
Weighting within the module 50%
Word limit 3000 words (+ / - 10%)
Details of the Assignment There is some diversity of opinion regarding the management of change in multinational firms. Prepare a report that critically evaluates the utility of theoretical models of change for executives who are looking to transform ways of working within their multinational firms.
Work should be underpinned by theory, examples and supported by extensive references. Students should u ...Read More

Solution Preview - \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc490221853 \h 3Critical Evaluation of various Models of Change Management PAGEREF _Toc490221854 \h 4Kurt Lewin’s Model of Change PAGEREF _Toc490221855 \h 4Utility PAGEREF _Toc490221856 \h 5Pros and Cons of Kurt Lewin Model of Change PAGEREF _Toc490221857 \h 6McKinsey 7 S Model PAGEREF _Toc490221858 \h 6Utility PAGERE

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