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Northwestern University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - The Varone Company

Question - The Varone Company makes a single product called a Hom. The company has the capacity to
produce 40,000 Homs per year. Per unit costs to produce and sell one Hom at that activity level are:

Direct materials $31
Direct labor $21
Variable manufacturing overhead $16
Fixed manufacturing overhead $18
Variable selling expense $10
Fixed selling expense $7

The regular selling price for one Hom is $100. A special order has been received at Varone from the
Fairview Company to purchase 7,900 Homs next year at 10% off the regular selling price. If this
special order were accepted, the variable selling expense would be reduced by 20%. However,
Varone would have to purchase a specialized machine to engrave the Fairview name on each Hom in
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