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Part 1
This is an assignment, that does not start with a dataset. This assignment will build your skills on DDL aspects of SQL, Modeling and Normalization. You have to submit three files – a word document, a .sql file and the data in a .zip file.
Q1: Pick up your own dataset to work with, for this assignment. You can use any website such as Kaggle.com as a source for your dataset. The dataset you choose to use, must follow the following conditions:
It should have at least 2000 records in total (across all tables).
It should have at least 20 columns in total across all tables.
It should have at-least 3 tables.
It should not be a sample database offered by MYSQL
If you find dataset that has less records or attributes ( ...Read More

Solution Preview - from Kaggle.com to use in this assignment. Answer 2- We have used data import wizard, inbuilt function in MySQL workbench to import csv files into tables population, unemployment, births, deaths, transport and district. Answer 3- SUMMARY The system used for solving this assignment is BARCELONA STATISTICAL CALCULATION SYSTEM. The system is aime

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