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Montana State University - Billings Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Flexible budgets.

Question - Multiple-Choice Questions 1. W hat ratio is used to measure a firm’s liquidity? a. Debt ratio b. Asset turnover c. Current ratio d. Return on equity 2. W hich of the following transactions could increase a firm’s current ratio? a. Purchase of inventory for cash b. Payment of accounts payable c. Collection of accounts receivable d. Purchase of temporary investments for cash 3. Total Liabilities/Total Equity equals: a. Times Interest Earned Ratio b. Accounts Payable Turnover Ratio c. Debt-to-Equity Ratio d. Receivables Turnover Ratio 4. W hich of the following ratios is not a debt management ratio? a. Times interest earned b. Debt-to-equity ratio c. Long-term debt-to-equity ratio d. Return on equity ratio 5. ...Read More

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