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MGT/521 University of Phoenix Week Two Knowledge Check

Question - 1. As a process of self­examination during her senior year of college, Casey decides to  develop a SWOT analysis of her prospects relative to getting a job. Casey realizes that  she has a personal characteristic that suggests she is not comfortable interacting with  strangers. She interprets this as a(n) ________ if she is to get a job as a salesperson.  A.threat  B.strength  C.weakness  D.opportunity  2. Casey is looking for a new job. She decides to develop a SWOT analysis of the  industries she might want to work in. Casey majored in marketing and enjoyed studying  market research. Through her research on the Internet and in the Uni ...Read More

Solution Preview - onceptsMasteryQuestions Strategies for SWOT Analyses100yb 123 Strategic and Operational Plans100yb 456 Differentiate Between Goals and Plans100yb 789 Examples of Contingency Factors in Planning100yb 101112 Concept: Strategies for SWOT Analyses Mastery100ybQuestions123 1. Correct: The Correct Answer is: C. A weakness describes something an organiza

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