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MGT/521 University of Phoenix Week Two Knowledge Check

Question - 1. As a process of self­examination during her senior year of college, Casey decides to  develop a SWOT analysis of her prospects relative to getting a job. Casey realizes that  she has a personal characteristic that suggests she is not comfortable interacting with  strangers. She interprets this as a(n) ________ if she is to get a job as a salesperson.  A.threat  B.strength  C.weakness  D.opportunity  2. Casey is looking for a new job. She decides to develop a SWOT analysis of the  industries sh ...Read More

Solution Preview - onceptsMasteryQuestions Strategies for SWOT Analyses100yb 123 Strategic and Operational Plans100yb 456 Differentiate Between Goals and Plans100yb 789 Examples of Contingency Factors in Planning100yb 101112 Concept: Strategies for SWOT Analyses Mastery100ybQuestions123 1. Correct: The Correct Answer is: C. A weakness describes something an organiza

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