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MBA assignment

Question - PowerPoint Presentation and Script: Create a PowerPoint presentation that could be presented to entering graduate students in the MBA program. (70 points) (6 slides, a script, and a bibliography are required.)

1. Slides: In the presentation, explain what plagiarism is, what its penalties are, and how it can be avoided. Be sure that your presentation includes specific examples that help the student understand this important concept. Be sure that the slides in the presentation are visually pleasing and that they communicate the message logically. Include at least six (6) slides in your presentation.

2. Script: Along with the PowerPoint slides, you must submit in a Word document a script of what you would say during the presentati ...Read More

Solution Preview - arism can be defined as the practice of taking some other person work or ideas and passing them off as their ownPlagiarism can be defined as an act of fraud. It includes both stealing someone else work and lying about it afterward.Failing to properly quote, cite or acknowledge someone else works or ideas with an internal citation are also considere

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