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Louisiana Tech University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Special Order

Question - Lads and Lassies (L&L), an SEC registrant, has its year end on the Saturday closest to January 31.
Fiscal 2006, 2005, and 2004, which include 52 weeks each, ended on January 28, 2006, January 29,
2005, and January 31, 2004, respectively.
L&L manufactures and sells exclusive children's clothing to the most discerning clientele. Its products
offer high quality and modern style, including everything from a colorful collection of cashmere
sweaters to perfect vintage washed tees. The products are sold through its boutiques, each of which
resembles a New England seaside cottage.
The boutiques also include the Sassy Spa for Spoiled Pip-Squeaks (Sassy Spa), which was
introduced in the third quarter of fiscal 2005. These spas for children of ...Read More

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