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Fort Scott Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Patriot Co.

Question - Patriot Co. manufactures and sells three products: red, white, and blue. Their unit sales prices are red, $74; white, $108; and blue, $99. The per unit variable costs to manufacture and sell these products are red, $48; white, $75; and blue, $90. Their sales mix is reflected in a ratio of 5:4:2 (red: white: blue). Annual fixed costs shared by all three products are $179,200. One type of raw material has been used to manufacture all three products. The company has developed a new material of equal quality for less cost. The new material would reduce variable costs per unit as follows: red, by $10; white, by $16; and blue, by $13. However, the new material requires new equipment, which will increase annual fixed costs by $22,400. (Roun ...Read More

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