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Emotional intelligence

Question - I have started my dissertation and almost completed first three chapters. and have 2 more chapters to go. I would like a review and of the first three chapters and adding some word count. as well as writing of chapter 4 and 5.

Please find chapters 1 to 3 in the link below:


reading the first three chapters will give you an idea of the topic and method to complete it.

Word count

chapters Current Word Count Min TragetWord count

2.     Introduction 1553 2000

1.     Literature Review 3344 4000

3.     Methodology 1500 2000

4.     Analysis &Findings 0 3500

5. Recommendation & Conclusion 0 2500

Total 12000

Solution Preview - ould like to show regards to my professor who was provided time for me from this busy schedule for guiding or helping me in this research work. I am very much thankful to my professor who has guided me for selecting the research topic which is “Emotional Intelligence”, whereas, the professor has also helped me effectually to understand the abov

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