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Duke University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Manufacturing Income Statement

Question - Mulligan Manufacturing Company uses a job order cost system with overhead applied to products at a rate of 150 percent of direct labor cost. Required: Treating each case independently, selected from the manufacturing data given below, find the missing amounts. You should do them in the order listed. Case 1 Case 2 Case 3 Direct material used 17,000 10,500 Direct labor 16,000 Manufacturing overhead applied 13,000 Total current manufacturing costs 27,000 33,000 Beginning work in process inventory 8,400 7,700 Ending work in process inventory 4,400 8,400 Cost of goods manufactured 45,000 3,001 Beginning finished goods inventory 3,500 10,200 Ending finished goods inventory 7,200 6,700 Cost of goods sold 39,000 38,000

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