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Duke University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - overhead applied

Question - Meyer Company uses a job order cost system with overhead applied to jobs on the basis of direct labor hours. The direct labor rate is $20 per hour, and the predetermined overhead rate is $15 per direct labor hour. The company worked on three jobs during April. Jobs A and B were in process at the beginning of April. Job A was completed and delivered to the customer. Job B was completed during April, but not sold. Job C was started during April, but not completed. The job cost sheets revealed the following costs for April: Job A Job B Job C Cost of Jobs in Process, 4/1/2013 $ 11,600 $ 1,200 $ " Direct Materials Used 1,600 7,200 7,800 Direct Labor 9,200 7,200 2,600 Applied Manufacturing Overhead ? ? ? Req ...Read More

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