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Cloud Computing

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Business Plan Templatte
This document sets out the business case for reviewing the current computing resources and analysis of Gaming Are Uss computing needs. This report contains information on the current ICT facilites and what the benefits and risks of introducing a cloud computing system into the business.

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Gaming Are Us is a family-owned and operated business selling a broad range of Board Games and up-market gifts. The first store opened in Red Hill in 1999, but the business now has a total of 4 retail stores operating across Brisbane. The remaining stores are located in Yeronga, Indooroopilly and Albany Creek
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Solution Preview - business case Part A Submitted by Name Registration no Date   Mission Critical Systems  Mission critical system is defined as the system, resources or network which is mandatory for the survival of business organization. In case of failure or interruption of such system company productive hours can have negative impact. There are two imp

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