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Calumet College Of St. Joseph Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - accounting Final exam

Question - 1. The work-in-process inventory account of a manufacturing company shows a balance of $3,000 at
the end of an accounting period. The job-cost sheets of the two incomplete jobs show charges of
$500 and $300 for direct materials, and charges of $400 and $600 for direct labor. From this
information, it appears that the company is using a predetermined overhead rate as a percentage of
direct labor costs. What percentage is the rate?
2. The break-even point in dollar sales for Rice Company is $480,000 and the company s contribution
margin ratio is 40 percent. If Rice Company desires a profit of $84,000, how much would sales have
to total?
3. W illiams Company s direct labor cost is 25 percent of its conversion cost. If the manufacturing ...Read More

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