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California State University, Sacramento Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - new assistant

Question - I think we goofed when we hired that new assistant controller,?? said Ruth Scarpino, president of
Provost Industries. ?oJust look at this report that he prepared for last month for the Finishing
Department. I can’t make heads or tails out of it.??

?oHe’s struggling to learn our system,?? replied Frank Harrop, the operations manager. ?oThe
problem is that he’s been away from process costing for a long time, and it’s coming back slowly’
?oIt’s not just the format of his report that I’m concerned about. Look at that $25.71 unit cost that he’s
come up with for April. Doesn’t that seem high to you??? said Ms. Scarpino.
?oYes. it does seem high; but on the other hand, I know ...Read More

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