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Boston University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - A tank

Question - A tank in a room at 19°C is initially open to the atmosphere on a day when the barometric pressure is 102 kPa. A block of dry ice (solid CO2) with a mass of 15.7 kg is dropped into the tank, which is then sealed. The reading on the tank pressure gauge initially rises very quickly then much more slowly, eventually reaching a value of 3.27MPa. Assume T = 19°C. (a) How many moles of air were in the tank initially? Neglect the volume occupied by CO2 in the solid state and assumes that a negligible amount of CO2 escapes prior to the sealing of the tank. (b) What is the final density (g/liter) of the gas in the tank? (c) Explain the observed variation of pressure with time. More specifically, what is happening in the tank during the ...Read More

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