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Benedictine University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - The Bags and Luggage Company

Question - The Bags and Luggage Company had the following account balances as of January 1:

Direct Materials Inventory $ 9,200
Work in Process Inventory 78,400
Finished Goods Inventory 53,600
Manufacturing Overhead -0-

During the month of January, all of the following occurred:

1. Direct labor costs were $42,000 for 1,800 hours worked.
2. Direct materials costing $35,750 and indirect materials costing $3,500 were purchased.
3. Sales commissions of $16,500 were earned by the sales force.
4. $26,000 worth of direct materials were used in production.
5. Advertising costs of $6,300 were incurred.
6. Factory supervisors earned salaries of $12,000.
7. Indirect labor costs for the month were $3,000.
8. Monthly depreciation on ...Read More

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