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Benedictine University Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - Principles of Accounting

Question - Q. No. 1 Bloom Company management predicts that it will incur fixed costs of $250,000 and earn pretax income of $350,000 in the next period. Its expected contribution margin ratio is 60%. 1. Compute the amount of total dollar sales. 2. Compute the amount of total variable costs. Q. No. 2 A jeans maker is designing a new line of jeans called the Slims. The jeans will sell for $370 per pair and cost $262.70 per pair in variable costs to make. (Round your answers to 2 decimal places.) Q. No. 3 Blanchard Company manufactures a single product that sells for $250 per unit and whose total variable costs are $200 per unit. The company s annual fixed costs are $770,000. (1) Prepare a contribution margin income statement for Blanchard Com ...Read More

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