1- Write a repot on "PREVENTING NIPAH VIRUS OUTBREAK IN INDIA" with references to MPH.


Financial resources 

  • The project plan is based on the NIPAH virus outbreak in India. The target audience will be the people of India. The program will be done through video conferencing method. There will be several resources required for the program that will be discussed in the next parts of the report. 

  • The financial resources could be explained with the help of the budget.

  • Given budget reflects many areas that will be affected by doing the conference for the outbreak of the NIPAH virus (Catton et al, 2018). 

  • On cost or overhead expenses like depreciation, rent ate being shown in the budget with 100000. 

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Physical resources 

Physical resources are one of the important resources that help in managing a certain plan.
This is required in order to run the program successfully. 

Physical resources that are required for the project would be:

  • Access to computers and is related parts like mic and camera (Catton et al, 2019).  

  • Furniture and fittings 

  • Has been reflected in the project as 150000. 

Human resources 

  • Human resources will be required in order to assist the conference needs

  • Recording and editing the conference will be done by the human personnel

  • Staffs will be required in order to manage the conference

  • Technical assistance for the computer will be required for which technicians will be required. 

  • People to contribute to edits and comments (Leigh et al, 2018). 

  • Clerical assistant 

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Reference list 

  • Journals

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