History of Computers that Changed the World


Describe the contribution of google to the history of modern computing.



The computer is one of the most significant inventions of mankind. The capability to store and compute data offers us the capability to handle the various problems that would not be possible to tackle otherwise. A person can spend years to know the history of computers as there are so many inventions and books written on computing. The computer was not made for e-mails or entertainment, but it was created to solve the crisis of number-crunching. Nowadays, the power of computing lies in the smartphones which we use. Further, the history of computers is given that changed the world and made it technologically advanced. Then the contribution of Google is given below to the history of modern computing which helped people to play games, surfing the internet, and streamline multimedia in extension to the crisis of crunching.

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History of Computers that Changed the World 

Further, there is a history of computers that is being highlighted by some of the authoritative computers which are as follows (Purkiss, D., 2013). Harvard Mark l, the computers were electronically mechanical which further means that they accustomed the mechanical elements as the aspect of the computing process. Harvard Mark l was a computer of five-ton which was created in 1944, and it used to read to instructions through the taper of paper. The computer didn’t have various features of modern computing. ENIAC was the first general computer of general-purpose. The computer was completely programmable and digital. The weight of the computer was 27-ton and diminutive the power of computing of the former computers. The computer was mainly used by the military of the US with the calculations of artillery and the first problem as a task which was given to this computer was to implement the design of the hydrogen bomb. The features of the computer were improvised over the period of years and the mechanism of storing program was inculcated in 1948. Manchester Baby computer was created in 1948 and was utilized as a testbed for the technology i.e. Williams Tube. The computer was used for the memory of the short-term and it was attainable to load the programs into the memory of computers. Further, the Manchester Mark l was created which improvised the conception of electronic storage by adjoining the drum of magnetic. BM System 360, earlier the programs which were developed for the computers would only be used on that particular computer only. The mainframe of the IBM system 360 changed this process. It could be used in various models with the distinct power of processing, and the machines were compatible enough with the other machines, and this means that the applications which are created for a machine would be used on other machines as well. Further, this approach was adopted for the upcoming computers. Dynabook, the computers which were developed earlier were not the prototypes and Dynabook is one of the exceptions. The computer was created in 1968, and the concept of the computer attributed the keyboard and display which were attached on the same slate. It was very easy to carry the Dynabook with one hand only and included the main elements of the user interface i.e. keyboard and display. The design of the Dynabook influenced Steve Jobs as he believed in the simplicity of the prototype. The tablet computers which were designed after 1968 were based on the concept of Dynabook. Apple II, the people of 1970 saw the plenitude of personal computers and most of them were very successful, and Apple II was the most authoritative. It made an attempt for the average people so that they can afford the computer and also made the approach of computers accessible for the common people. The production of the computer was till 1993 and till then seven million computers were sold, and it gave the Apple a great share of the early profit and furthered the funds were provided to leadoff other personal computers. 
IBM 5150, the era of 1980 started with the IBM 5150, and it was the first product which was created to the compatible platform of IBM. The computer was not a fanatic computer but t had all the features which were required in the personal computers during that time as the powerful CPU-8088, and the drive of floppy disk was also available. Further, it was followed by various products of IBM during 1980, and the various compatible models of IBM were made by various manufacturers. The 5150 leadoff the personal computer which we know in Todays time as it is a platform that can run software along with distinct hardware. Compaq Portable, during 1980, the portable computers were also available. The Compaq portable was the most authoritative one during that time. In 1983, the compatible portable of IBM was a great success. It had the attributes of hardware and was also compatible with the ordinary software. The weight of the personal computer was 28 pounds which was equal to the size of a suitcase (Computersciencelab.com, 2016). Therefore, the size of the personal computer was very small at that time and further the broad variety of the same devices was implemented in the next era. Apple Macintosh, the computer was not the first one along with the operating system of graphics rather it was the first one to use that. The line of the command was exiled in favor of fascinated graphics of on-screen and along with it mouse was created for the purpose of navigation. The creation of the computer was announced in the advertisement of ‘1984'. The computer attained great success and Mac was influenced to a great extent. But there was an issue that the software was programmed to use to an interface of command-line (Gander et al., 2012). Further, Apple took help from various developers like Microsoft in order to solve the issue. Compaq LTE, in 1989, Compaq again came up with the portable approach of computing, and it was the first computer of notebook and became authoritative and successful during that time, and this became possible because of its features of the hardware. The Compaq LTE had everything which was required and also contained hard disk and the floppy drive. The weight of the computer was 7 pounds. Intel ATX is the factor of the specification which was given by Intel. It defines the motherboard's size where the holes were attached to the case and various locations of the slots of expansion. The ATX took over the factor of AT form and was also known as the default for the computers with the desktop in 1990. Apple iPad is a great impact on the industry of computers, and it also fascinated people to a great extent, and there are various other alternatives of Android which there in the market.

Contribution of Google 

Google has contributed to a great extent to the modern computing and further advanced the technology for the people. Google’s mission was to organize the information of the world in order to make it useful and accessible universally. Google worked very hard to achieve their mission. Google provides free flow of information to people through the internet. The search engine helps the people to get the information by only typing a keyword, and they can get information related to any term with ease. Google helps in the personal development of people as they have become more knowledgeable and confident and what they say and read. The most important aspect of Google is that it doesn’t limit the technology and it offers various services of open source. Google also offers free cloud storage. Android also helps in fetching various jobs. Google helped in core concepts of modern computing like computing of distribution, algorithms and machine learning (Gobbo, F., and Benini, M., 2014).
There is various software that is given by Google in order to contribute successfully in the history of modern computing and for the betterment of people and the software are as follows (Clark et al., 2014). Google Chrome is the web browser which is tabbed along with an interface of new technology. It was created from the code of the chromium source. It provides absolute integration along with the account of Gmail. Further, this helps in synchronizing and sharing the links on the web. The search box of the chrome helps in searching easily and quickly. Google Earth is a program that allows a person to enjoy the view of 3D of the earth. This helps in exploring various buildings, cities, and structures along with the layer of the 3D building. It also helps in looking at the galaxies that are distant, helps in viewing constellations, and also helps in viewing the 3D model of the space crafts. Google Drive is an application that enables to sync and upload the various files from the computer to the storage service which is present online. Further, the application is available for Android, Windows, iOS, and it also provides free storage of 5 GB for each type of file. Google + Auto Backup is the simplest tool that helps in selecting the folders which a person wants to backup. Further, this software uses the storage of Google drive, and by default, it uploads at the full size. The settings can be easily changed at the option of preference of Auto Backup. Google Earth Plug-in enables to explore and navigate the data of geography on a 3D globe with the usage of a web browser. The software along with the Java Script helps in embedding the complete authority of Google Earth and the capabilities of 3D to the webpage (Computerhistory.org, 2016).
Google Desktop ensures the searching of the computer easy just like web searching through Google. It is a search application of desktop that offers the complete text of search through files, emails, Gmail, etc. that are being viewed. By computer searching, the desktop places the information within reach and, it doesn't require to manage and organize the files manually. Android Studio is an editor of code that is capable of completion of advanced coding, analysis of coding and refactoring. The wizards of the project make it easy to start and use the project. Further, the start projects use the codes of the template for various patterns like the drawer of navigation, pagers, and also import the samples of Google code. Google Updater is a tool that is used to upgrade and download the software. It is very important for the computers to have this feature as this is significant to download various software like Google toolbar, Google Earth, Spyware Doctor, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Google Chrome Canary is a free browser that is being created for the early adopters and developers, and it breaks downs occasionally. Further, in order to adjutant testing and development, Canary and Chrome can be used at the same time. Therefore, it is the new and latest feature of chrome. Google Input Marathi is the method of input that enables the person to enter the text in the Latin languages according to the preference of the user. The user has to enter the word by making the usage of the characters of Latin and the tools of the Google input for the Windows and further, it will be converted to the endemic script. Chrome Remote Desktop makes easy for people to use and access a computer with the help of Chrome book. The protocol is used in order to connect the removed computers which are encrypted which makes sure that the data is protected from the attack of MITM. Google Toolbar for the Internet Explorer toolbars are famous for the saving of space and time whether they are embodied to the application of editing of text with the required tools or within the web browser which provides access to the website of your choice. It is handy for the end-users who work on a regular basis.

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It can be clearly understood that how Google has contributed to the history of modern computing in a positive way and how it has created various software for the users, and it is also very easy to access the software. Further, the software is being developed according to the change in technology, and people are adopting that change with ease. In Today’s time, people depend on Google search when they want to get information about new terminology which they hear and use. Further, Google plays a vital role to the history of modern computing.


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