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This is an individual assignment
Assume you have just been asked by your manager to evaluate the project outlined for the ECE 347 class. Provide a recommendation to your team about which project management methodology the team should use to accomplish the goals of the project. You may choose between Waterfall (traditional) project management or Agile project management.
Write a memorandum (no more than 4 pages) comparing and contrasting the risks and benefits of each methods within the context of the ECE 347 project. Conclude with your recommendation as to which methodology you believe would be most successful.
Then, regardless of your recommendation, build a high­level (2­3 page) Waterfall project plan for the project showing typical workflow stages (Plan, Design, Build, Test, Production, Support). On a separate page, include a GANTT chart showing the rough timeline of your plan stages and indicating key milestones and dependencies. (You will find GANTT templates for Excel or Sheets online).
Present these deliverables using the power lab memo template.



Subject: Project Management Methodology Recommendation

The two project management methods, waterfall and agile, are the most preferred ones at present in various project activities. The comparative study of both the methods has been presented here to understand the most suitable ones for the project that is being undertaken. The purpose of the method selection is to apply it on the motor soft-starter design project. 
In the waterfall methodology the work flows one after another. All the activities within the projects depending on the waterfall methodology are sequential. The completion of one stage can only allow the project manager to undertake the next activity or next stage.
There are various stages in the process such as the ideation of the project or conceptualizing the project, and then initiating the next process one by one. 
There is no moving back in the project as the completion of one stage is considered as final and the rest of the activities depend on it. If someone wants to change something in the particular stage or activity, then the whole project has to be redone. 
There are no possibilities of changes and, therefore, it is always suggested that an extensive preparation should always be there. Moreover, the project manager should ensure that the all the plans have been carefully developed.

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There are some advantages and disadvantages of the methodology that should be considered while understanding the different aspects of it. Mentioned below are the advantages of the waterfall methodology:

  • The waterfall methodology requires that the project manager must have a near to perfect project plan which has no error. The development of such kind of plan allows the project manager to majorly focus on the implementation in the later stage. 

  • The expectation of the clients becomes clear. Moreover, the clients get the clear picture of the things they can receive in the end of the project. It also give them proper understanding of the cost and time that are to be incurred in the project. 

  • Waterfall methodology calls for strong documentation and, therefore, there is less impact of even the employee turnover.

Mentioned below are some of the disadvantages of waterfall methodology:

  • There is no going back in the project after the completion of each phase.

  • If the initial requirements of the project have some fault, then entire project will be implemented.

  • Presence of any kind of issue in the requirement that has been developed in the beginning of the project will push the entire project to be done again.

  • The testing of the project is done in the last and, therefore, in the software development the bugs are detected in the last which can be fatal.

  • If the demand of the client changes, the entire project budget and schedule will be impacted.

Based on the study above, the waterfall methodology should be used if all the stakeholders have clear understanding about the outcomes they are expecting in the end of the project.
Another important project methodology is Agile. As there are various disadvantages in the waterfall methodology, the agile methodology is considered as the rescuer for it. The process that is followed in this methodology is incremental and not sequential.
The project team works on various modules at a tie beginning with a small segment of the project. The activities in the project are completed based on the sprints. The sprints are generally divided on one month period for larger project. The projects that are smaller, the sprints are of one week.
The completion of each sprint is done after testing and evaluation of the complete part with specific deliverables. The sprints help the project team in the early identification of the bugs and allow enough time for rectification.
The focus is more on the principles rather than the process. There exists no initial design and steps that is required to be followed till the end.

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There are various advantages and disadvantages of the agile methodology. Mentioned below are the advantages of the agile methodology:

  • The project allows the stakeholders to make changes in the initial requirements. 

  • The team can even re-write the whole program if required as there is enough time. Moreover, adding the features becomes easier.

  • The sprints within the project allows the sponsors to suggest changes at every stages which help make the project exactly as per the client requirement.

  • Project test and evaluation at the end of each sprint allows the team in early bug identification.

  • The launch of the product can be done at the any stage as they are tested for the functionality at each stage.

Some of the disadvantages of the agile methodology are mentioned below:

  • If the project manager is not focus, then the project might become a never ending coding marathon where nothing is being achieved. This will lead to over consumption of budget and time.

  • The final project can be entirely different from what has been decided in the beginning.

Based on the study of both the study and the development of motor-soft starter design, allows suggesting that the selection of agile methodology is the suitable one. Therefore, the project manager should choose agile methodology for this project.
Project Timeline with Gantt chart using MS Project:



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