Group Communication Competencies Survey and Summary

Key Topics


Complete the University Material: Group Communication Competencies Survey.

Write a 350- to 525-word summary of your results and ways to improve your competency.
Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines
Group Communication Competencies Survey and Summary
Results and Analysis
Group Communication Competencies


In a group, it’s very essential to have strong spoken communication skills. It should be well tuned as per the group topic. In the beginning of the spoken communication, I respect, greet, maintain an eye contact, and express views openly & ethically.  I do understand the topic of communication to be delivered & while presenting my topic, at times I do get nervous due to the audience present & expectations to deliver a polished speech. For my topic, I adequately research, prepare, practice well, try to control my body behaviour, gestures & expressions in the same flow of the topic.

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Often my views delivered during the group communication is not matching with the audience expressions so it’s really important to generate interest & curiosity, I do ask questions from audience to connect more & understand if they are flowing in the same directions. Mould speech & pitch to arouse interest during speech. Also it’s equally important to be assertive during my speeches & influence large audience with my own thoughts. Main objective of group communications is not have same thoughts or conversations but conclusion drawn in the end should be same & expressed freely.
In case if the audience is not connecting or persuading different contradictory points as I am delivering, it’s very important to understand audience expectations & tackle their viewpoints in a positive manner. One need not be argumentative yet present viewpoints in a convincing manner by keeping a smile & confidently answering in an assertive manner without hurting anyone’s sentiments. It displays a strong leadership behaviour influencing audience. My own behaviour, body language, facial expressions, eye contacts, my gestures should all flow in the same manner as I am able to express my thoughts & or correct my pitches. In my observation if I am not convinced with the topic, free flow is not there then audience will equally not be connected with my topic or viewpoints.
In the end of the communication delivered, it’s also equally important to wrap up the speech within a specific time frame keeping few minutes aside for audience to ask questions or any queries.

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