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Your Guide to Different Referencing Styles


Assignments hold much significance in your academics. You make lots of efforts in attemtping an academic paper. This process starts from research, after that, you spend lots of time in writing, formatting also gets done to make it look presentable. When you reach this level, it means you homework is almost done, however, you know that references are needed to add in it to make it an authentic piece of work.

Some of you may not have the idea of the types of references styles. As a result, you can make mistakes while referencing the assignment. Thus, as a leading assignment help provider in Australia, we have come up with an article that tries to give you an idea of the types of referencing styles.


As per the academic experts, Harvard style is a term for any referencing style that uses author-date references in the text of the order. It can be within or at the end of a sentance. An author is supposed to list full citation details at the end of the document in the alphabetical order.

You also have to keep in mind that Harvard style doesnt have any definite style guide and best way to use it to be consistant throughout the academic paper.


First of all, let us tell you what exactly APA stands for. APA means American Psychological Association. While using APA referencing styles an author have to use auther-date parenthetical and should base in-text citations on the Harvard style.

The most common use of APA formatting happens in psychology, however, you can also use it in other disciplines.


MLA is the abbreviation of Modern Language Association of America. It is the referencing style that is often used in literature and linguistics. In the MLA style, you are guided to use brief parenthetical in-text citations that are linked to an alphabetized list at the end of the academic paper.

There are two publications in MLA style; first one is, MLA style manual and guide to scholarly publishing and MLA handbook for the authors who write research papers.


Next formatting style we discuss is Chicago. It is a most accpeted among all the style manuals. You can do author-date referencing and footnote referencing using Chicago style. Academic specialists further say that you can use Chicago’s manual footnote referencing system in arts and humanities.


AGLC is the writing style used in Australia. The full-form of AGLC is the Australian Guide to Legal Citation. It was developed by the Melbourne University Law Review Association and is a footnote referencing system that offers Australia a uniform system of legal referencing. Academicians, legal practitioners, law students and judiciaries can use it for the purpose of legal writing and research.

So, it was an effort from us to make you aware of the various formatting styles. Hope it was helpful.
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