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Why Teachers Turning Away From High-poverty Schools?


US is a country where education standards have reached the top, and lots of students are gaining quality education in various institutes around the country. But there are some issues that raise some questions, and one of those is the teachers turning away from high-poverty schools. This leads to students not getting to learn from the experienced teachers and it hurts their academics in various ways. So, it is necessary for educationists to find out why large number of teachers are turning away from high-poverty schools and what could be done to keep the teachers working in high-poverty schools.


It is a fact that a person wants to lead an easy life, whether its at home or work because when a person feels comfortable, he or she can do better compared to different environment. Teachers are going for the same as well. It is well-known that teaching is not same as earlier when teachers made efforts to teach students without worrying about their well-being. Today, most of the teachers prefer to teach at schools where they get better working environment both in terms of facilities and social conditions. In simple words, tutors go for lower-poverty schools because they get hands on the latest and ample resources there, that not only helps them in teaching with ease but they also acquire new skills. In addition, principals leadership, the support of colleagues and opportunity to work with experienced professionals also attracts the teachers. So, this way, tutors seems to be doing the right thing by giving preference to teaching in lower-poverty schools because they dont get all of it while teaching in a high-poverty school. You can say that its unethical, but teachers cannot be the only one receiving the bashing from all the quarters. Governments and school management need to do their job as well. They need to give a better working environment to the tutors so that they will feel the same comfort teaching in high-poverty school and students will get to learn from the eligible experts and reach their objectives in the academics.


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